Thursday November 23rd 2017
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by John Cunningham REINSW President

Society has changed. Expectations have changed. Everything has changed, except the way we deal with the transaction. We need to look at the services we’re providing and the value those services afford to our clients – not just in the short term, but over a much longer period. We need to look beyond the immediate transaction.

As agents, we’re in a unique position to extend and deepen our involvement in all stages of the real estate transaction by building and nurturing relationships with clients that extend beyond the obvious moments of buying, selling and leasing.
We need to position ourselves as professionals at the centre of each and every real estate transaction. We need to offer a wide range of services to our clients, provide creative solutions to complex problems and give sound information and advice about the property and the market. And we need to have a reputation for providing a high level of service and behaving ethically and honestly. Everything we do must be about increasing the quality of our service, rather than attempting to resist the changing environment around us.
Our industry is at a crossroads – one that presents us wit

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